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thuy Offers A Romantic Christmas Track "Snowing In LA" [VIDEO]

I literally cannot get enough of thuy's angelic voice, there's other way to describe it! "Snowing In LA" is her latest track, a holiday ballad to her very special loved one. In the song she speaks about everyone going home for the holidays, and she has nowhere to go. She wants her person to stay with her, but she understands why they have to go.

thuy spoke about the track:

"“The holidays are usually about travel and seeing family and my partner might want to go home to see his family for the holidays, but I’m over here needy and I want him to stay. So the song is just me telling him how much I want him to stay in LA and how we can make a special holiday for the two of us. It might not be snowing here but we have each other.”

Check out the music video below, where you'll get to see thuy looking absolutely stunning in front of her talented band:


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