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Saweetie - "Richtivities" [VIDEO]

Saweetie is on a roll for 2024 with already releasing two singles. The first one was released last month in January alongside fellow Bay area native P-Lo called "Do It For The Bay". That song was in support of the San Fransisco 49ers making it to the NFL Playoffs.

Today she has returned with a solo track called" Richtivities" in which she flexes her riches and good looks (per usual):

“Money talk bank account motor mouth/Private jets first class not a flex/Post a pic shut down the entire net/Not impressed what competition I’m the best/I confess pretty bitches run the west."

One of Saweetie's so called "fans" came for her after releasing this song, mentioning how it's insensitive to speak about luxurious things when more than half the country is struggling and living check to check. Saweetie clapped back to let the fan know to use it as motivation, not see it as her looking down on you! (We agree, let's go manifest a life like hers instead of complaining):

"When i was pursuing my career with barely any money to support myself in LA… i loved listening to music that made me hustle harder to attain the lifestyle I always wanted. idk maybe we just built different."

Press play below on the music video and let us know what you think:


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