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Listen To The 70th #FemaleFridays New Music Playlist [AUDIO]

Cardi B On New Music Playlist Cover

It's been almost a year since our last playlist, and we're back and better than ever with brand new music! On our cover we of course had to feature Cardi B for her new song "Like What (freestyle)". We all hope this means that Cardi's new album is dropping soon. The fans have been waiting since 2018 for a new project so this is super exciting!

"Can't Touch This" by UK artist IMONI is up next as we slow things down with some R&B. The beat is so addictive not to mention her voice and lyrics go so well on it. She wants to let you know that you can look, but you sure can't touch! I know that's right.

One of our favorites have also dropped today; KenTheMan has just released "The P*ssy Song" today for the 304s! She always comes with a fresh new flow and this time is no different. The Texas queen raps on the track:

"Make him sign an NDA with my famous ass/and don't be scared to spend that money, you gon get it back/Designer on my body, come and take it off"

Ambre can do no wrong in my eyes! On her new release "Lost Without U" she covers Robin Thicke's hit track of the same name. Ambre does an amazing job singing over an acoustic version of the song, getting very intimate it sounds like she's singing straight to you.

New song "Snitch K" by Mello Buckzz is straight fire, along with the music video. Mello has released this new single over a Chicago drill beat, and mentions the hit show That's So Raven in the chorus; that should be enough for this to become your new fav track!

Then we have "3 AM" by BreezyLYN, a song which seems more like a story being told. She raps about how she was speeding at 3 AM and how a cop pulls her over with her man in the car. The song is so good, you can picture the whole thing in your head!

"Do Or Die" by Justina Valentine featuring Neek Bucks. Justina I feel is such an underrated artist from Jersey. Her recent freestyle with Funk Flex was so fire, if you haven't seen it yet you HVE to watch her kill it. She has straight bars. In "Do Or Die" she talks about how she breaks doors because she knows her worth in this game, as she should.

"After Dark" by IV4 featuring Robb Bank$ is next up! Only after dark is when she wants to get freaky with you, not in the morning papa. When you're lonely at 3 AM, she will be ready to pick up where ya'll left off at.

"Doubt" by Samaria is last but certainly not least. She is definitely one of our favorite artists out right now, especially after her latest EP called "Even Paradise Rains" that dropped last month. "Doubt" is beautiful ballad complete with meaningful lyrics and a guitar/catchy as* beat behind it - per usual. She won't doubt you anymore, she knows what you about.....

Press play on the playlist below in Apple Music or Spotify and let us know which track is your favorite!:


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