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Can't believe it's that time again! Welcome back to another new music Friday featuring some of the hottest women artists out. Light the bong and hit play to start your high off right.

Lianne La Havas - "Paper Thin" The British singer dropped this single off shortly after announcing her self-titled album is being released in July. Speaking about "Paper Thin" to Zane Lowe, she said: "I did it and I remember thinking, ‘This is how I want to sound. This is how I sound.’ I love how minimal it is."

Ahna Mac - "Maria" In this new track, Ahna Mac gives Santana's "Maria" a remix of her own. This song is one to definitely remind you that you are a bad bitch that can take anyone's man! (He got a girl but yet he call me wifey/They'll never know we gotta keep it low key/ & I will never tell a soul I keep it G). She even sings a verse in Spanish for us which makes the track an even better listen.

Lil Debbie - "Touchdown" Lil Debbie is so underrated in our eyes! She kills it with her flow, lyrics, and beat choice with this one (per usual). If you're bumping this track you better be high or at least sparking one up now, it's such a vibe! I'm sure all of us feel her when she says "He said he need it/so I let him eat it then kick his ass out/that's a dinner date."

Victoria Monet - "Dive" Who doesn't love some head?! In the second single released off her album, Monet wonders what a future lover's head game is like. She spoke about "Dive" in a press release, explaining: “It’s not talked about enough from our perspective and I wanted to break the ice. Women are an adventure. We are powerful as oceans, as beneficial as H20 and as fun as any theme park."

Chika - "SONGS ABOUT YOU" Chika is fairly new to the game, and making it clear with every drop why she is here to stay. Releasing her debut EP Industry Games in March, "SONGS ABOUT YOU" seemed to be stand-out track. She spoke about the track saying:

“It’s a real ass song, and it’s the embodiment of what I wanted the EP to be, which was a snapshot of me and my life and where I’ve been. It’s a coming-of-age project basically.”

Teyana Taylor - "Made It" Congrats to all the 2020 college and High school graduates! The new song is a tribute to everyone that unfortunately couldn't have a normal "walk the grass" graduation to do this COVID-19 crisis we are enduring. She released a music video to go along with the song, and said this in the IG Caption: "First and foremost, thank you to ALL the graduates that contributed to the video! I truly appreciate you and happy to celebrate YOU!!! Unfortunately, this pandemic has stopped us from physically gathering and celebrating all the hard work you've put in through the years. But this pandemic can't stop your spirit, it can't dim your light, and it can't take your degree away from you!! So when you make it out of this dark time, shine bright and light up the world!"

Young M.A. - "Trap Or Cap" You already know Young M.A. came for everyone's necks with this new track. She came with straight BARZ over a Mike Zombie produced beat. Either you trappin or you cappin..... pick a side.

Abi Brigz - "Girls" Abi is the second Jersey Native on this playlist, we have to stan! In this track she speaks about how tired she is of men's shit, and only wants to be surrounded by girls. This catchy song is bound to be stuck in your head all day so we hope you are ready! "Girls are so sweet/Sweet like candy!"

Mulatto - "He Say She Say" On this new track Mulatto speaks about how she made it out the mud, and she is proud of the boss ass bitch she is today! She doesn't do the "he say, she say" and we don't think you should either! This is the perfect track to play when you're rolling up to get you hype for that high, feel me?

Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - "Rain On Me" THE COLLAB WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ARE WE RIGHT?! The dance song will be on Gaga's upcoming Chromatica, which comes out May 29th. Ariana sings "at least I'm alive" ... reminding us it can always be worse.

Maliibu Miitch - "Double O" Listen to Maliibu flex on all you broke hating hoes! When we bump this we feel like we are bad AND boujee."I'm poppin, I'm poppin now/They can hate if they want/But fuck it I'm stuntin' now."

Be sure to be on the look out next week for another new playlist, and if you or someone you know thinks they should be featured feel free to send music to

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