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Sally Sossa - "Never Be The Same" [VIDEO]

Houston's Sally Sossa has just dropped off a new single called "Never Be The Same". This is the second song she's dropped after her last album, 4EVER SOSSA which was originally released back in September of 2022. The other single is called "Real Freak" and features BRS Kash.

In the music video for "Never Be The Same" we see Sally looking sexy in diamond covered boots dripping in ice, surrounded by money as she hangs out on a bed rapping to the song. Another scene we see is Sally driving around the city in an expensive white Maybach car. She raps:

"Knew some people I would kill for that stole from me/A couple day ones switched up now they act so funny/I left my ex up in my past and he still bummy"

Watch the new music video for "Never Be The Same" below and let us know what you think!:


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