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Latto Ft. LU KALA - "Lottery" [VIDEO]

Latto has just released a new poppy dance track called "Lottery" featuring Lu Kala, an amazing up and coming artist.

The music video starts off with Latto dancing on a dance floor with a huge furry hat and matching shoes, then it goes to her and Lu Kala vibing in the back of a limo looking beautiful throwing money around!

Latto then raps on a huge bed by herself, and shows a wedding of a marriage to a wheel burrow full of cash. There's even a blinged out wing stop advertisement thrown in thee video. The chorus is:

"If I let you put your hands all over me, If I let you unwrap all this in the sheets/If I tell you all my dirty fantasies, You won the lottery, YOU WON THE LOTTERY!"

Watch the Chandler Lass directed visual below and let us know what you think!:


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