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Paloma Ford - "Bentley Truck" [VIDEO]

Paloma Ford has released her first track of 2022 "Bentley Truck" and it's the perfect song for us at Swagballz. The R&B track starts off speaking about weed and the chorus is all about smoking up with her baby in that Bentley Truck:

"Hydro-chronic, super-sonic, indo smokin' bomb/ Chocolate tonic, blue dream, sour diesel, bubble gum/Let's get high/Roll it up, roll it up, roll it up/Pass me the lighter, I light it up/This leather so soft in that Bentley Truck"

In the music video we see Paloma channeling her inner Keisha from Belly. She spoke to Wonderland about where her inspiration comes from for her art: "I grew up in the 90s, so I’m heavily influenced by that time period. Everything from Herb Ritts to Hype Williams. Romeo & Juliet to City of God. I study that time period in film and fashion as well as the music."

We can definitely expect more art from Paloma this year, crossing fingers that a project and some shows will be released. Check out the new song and music video below!:


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