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OG MarlynMonROLLUP - "Vox" [VIDEO]

Brooklyn artist OG MarlynMonROLLUP has just released her first single of 2023 and it's called " Vox". The 1 minute song is packed with explosive lyrics, and an amazing jersey club/dance sound beat created by Alexie Gratia. One of her IG commenters mentioned the sound is "HouseDrill" and I'm loving that new genre!

The song is a bop to say the least, let's hope this means that a project is on the way! "Vox" should be out on all streaming platforms shortly. In the music video below we see her dancing with friends in the subway station, hanging in the NY streets, and a dope car doing donuts around her as she performs. Some stand out lyrics are:

"Face card stay lit, give a fuck about a list/Stylish, never had a stylist/Watch me kick in the door like this my crib/Bitch as if, Baby I'm far from your average"

Watch the video in full below and let me know what you think!:


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