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Mahalia - "In The Club" [VIDEO]

Mahalia has released her amazing R&B take on 50 Cent's classic track "In Da Club". The song is more so about a messy toxic relationship that recently ended, and she doesn't want him to ruin another night by finding her in the club and ruining the night. I feel that!!

In the music video we see her sitting in the middle of two friends in the back seat of a van, looking beautiful rocking a leather jacket and ripped jeans. Eventually, both friends leave the vehicle and she's alone in the seat singing to the camera.

"Bottle full of bub/Look babies you made a mess again, it can’t be undone I’m into making M’s/I ain’t into making up/You can take your hugs, you can take your love"

Check out the dope visuals below and let us know what you think!:


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