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Latto + 21 Savage Collab For "Wheelie" [VIDEO]

Pop it like a wheelie! Latto has dropped a new single called "Wheelie" featuring 21 Savage, loving this ATL link up. In the new song she references "Slob On My Nob" by

Tear da Club Up Thugs and Three 6 Mafia from 2009 and even turns the famous "Slob on my knob/Like corn on the cob/Check in with me/ And do your job" line into the bad bitch version!

In the video Latto looks so GOOD doing wheelies on a motorcycle in a streetstyle fit, laying down with a long braid IN A WHEEL, a head to toe leather look alongside 21 Savage, and ends the video in a cute blue set while dancing on top of mattresses. The visuals are so amazing, everything from the dance routines, outfits, motorcycles, dirt bikes, a full on band, was all super exciting to watch.

Another thing to note are the small advertisements she put in the video. It wasn't too much, and I just wanted to shout them out. The first I noticed is the glitter and black Ledger device. This is essentially a small wallet used to protect your cryptocurrencies. The other one I saw is Backwoods cigars, and also Kendra's Boutique.

I had to drop my favorite lines from the song for ya'll!!!:

"He ain't eat the pussy right if he ain't have to change the sheets/I love when he wear the gray sweats and that print show/Nah, I ain't tryna have your seed, but this pussy water make the beard grow"

Check it out for yourself below and let me know what you think!:


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