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Justine Skye - "What A Lie" [VIDEO]

Justine Skye has dropped a beautiful R&B song called "What A Lie". This seems to be targeted towards her ex who shall not be named.

The only reason we say this is because she sings "Couldn't believe I caught you that night/Saw the messages in plain sight/How you never thought to delete?/Like you wanted me to read." And on an instagram live not too long ago, she spoke about how she went through his phone and saw him texting 10+ women.

We all know that making music is therapy, and we sure hope that making this song has helped her healing process. In the music video we see Justine looking GORGEOUS on a couch eating some snacks, having some drinks, and playing with a cute innocent bird.

Check out the visuals below and let us know what you think!:

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