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Jourdan Jade - "WYA" [VIDEO]

Cali artist Jourdan Jade has just released her newest single called "WYA". Jourdan is trying to catch a vibe with you tonight so you better tell her where you're at.

The up and coming artist released her debut EP called Jaded back in April 2022, and she is showing no signs of stopping since. Jourdan was named "Musician of the Year" by the OC Cannabis Awards, so she must be on the right track!

"I was just wondering if you'd be down/I'm in the bay tonight, and I'm tryna slide/Pull up get the feeling right, cause I want to catch a vibe/Where are you, what you doing tonight?/Just come through baby we can get right"

Watch the music video below where we see Jourdan smoking with weed with her friends, dancing, and chillen in the car. Let us know what you think in the comments!:


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