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Donmonique - "My Man" [VIDEO]

Donmonique has just released a song dedicated to her man, fellow rapper Sha Hef called "My Man (freestyle)."

In the video we see her looking beautiful in some pink lingerie hanging out in a pink aesthetic room as she raps in the mirror and cuddles a teddy bear.

Donmonique makes sure to include a photo of her and her man, and also a recording of one of his phone calls. This is because Sha Haf is currently behind bars; No matter the circumstance she makes it clear that she is holding him down and the love is still stronger than ever!

Many women are currently in her same position who can relate as well, in "My Man" she raps:

"He's a gangsta, I'm making him giggle/And I ain't feel like this in a while, I'm loving your style/That's my man and I'll take it to trial/When you get home Imma give you a child"

Watch the music video in full below and let us know what you think!:


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