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DaniLeigh - "Heartbreaker" [VIDEO]

DaniLeigh's undeniable talent is showcased beautifully in her new music video for "Heartbreaker". This song is off her newest EP called My Side, if you haven't heard the project yet you are starting in the right place. Those amazing choreography skills really come through in this visual, especially in the beginning. We see her strip into a sexy two piece set dancing around a stool and singing. It's the body, the dancing, the nails, the accessories, the hair, the vocals, EVERYTHING FOR ME!

The dance is visibly an emotional expression of pain and heartbreak, but at the same time healing and new beginnings. It's so nice to see Dani getting back to doing what she loves! Be sure to cop your tickets for the #4Velour tour since she is most likely going to be stopping in your city.

Check it out for yourself below and have the tissues handy because one thing you're going to do is really feel her pain watching this:


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