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Coi Leray - "Wasted" [VIDEO]

Coi Leray is letting us know that she is taking ZERO breaks in 2023 you heard?! Coi has just released the music video for her song "Wasted". Coi's music has been so versatile lately, for example going from "Players" to this track "Wasted" - they sound nothing alike but are both amazing songs! You cannot put her in any box that's for sure.

"Wasted" is a slower love song, an original R&B track where she sings about how emotionally wasted she is from the toxic relationship. Some people in relationships just give and the other person just takes.

In the video we see her dressed in the CUTEST fits! Like a cute pink two piece outfit with a fury hat, and a cute black fit with long sleeves and crotchet hat! There's also a very handsome man playing the love interest. A lot of ladies can relate to this track, she sings:

"We say it's love but how could it be?/I was doin' my best, you was doin' the most and started becomin' a habit/You was sellin' me heaven but givin' me hell, that's a fatal attraction/You was givin' me hope, you just killin' me slow, it's a silent assassin"

Press play to watch the music video below and let me know what you think!:


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