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Coi Leray Shouts Out Her Bestie On "TWINNEM" [VIDEO]

Coi Leray is only getting better and better, we can't deny it! The trendsetting Jersey artist has released a new single called "TWINNEM". The song is all about loyalty, friendship, that real love. That's why it's just her and her bestie, NO NEW FRIENDS! She goes off:

"Іt’ѕ јuѕt mе аnd mу Тwіnnеm / Тhаt lоуаltу еvеrуthіng / І dоn’t hаng wіth brоkе b**сhеѕ / Тhеу јuѕt bе kіllіng mу еnеrgу / Тhеу dоn’t brіng nоthіng tо thе tаblе."

Check out the music video for yourself below, where we see Coi hanging out with her homies, eating dinner, playing mini golf and just enjoying life:


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