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Coi Leray Drops "Medicine" Via Soundcloud [VIDEO]

Coi Leray has dropped her last single of 2022 on Friday, a short Emrld-produced track called "Medicine". On Instagram she said this song is for her fans only. She also went on to say:

"When I go in the booth and vent, just know I’m speaking from the heart and I meant every word in the song.”

Another drop that Coi recently did is a Holiday version of her hit "TWINNEM," partnering with Apple Music for it. She is dropping her highly anticipated debut album in 2022, and posted a blurred out board letting us know that it's officially done! I cannot wait for a track list and album art already!

Check out the blue music video below and let me know what you think! I think she looks so cool with all the effects added, her dope ass outfits per usual, and the dances:


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