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Chlöe - "Surprise" [VIDEO]

Chlöe Bailey has been teasing this song for a while via social media, and today it has finally been released along with a music video.

In the visuals we see her and a lover dancing together, kissing, and being sensual and intimate in other ways (bath tub, head rubs). The fans are loving all of her solo music according to the comments, and cannot wait for that project announcement! This track live is going to be so amazing!

"Surprise" is definitely sexy and smooth, without being too much or over the top. Not to mention catchy as HELL. She sings on the chorus:

"If you be good to me then I'ma be great to you/If you stay down for me then I'll stay awake for you/Surprise, slip my panties to the side/Give me your money, baby, I'll make it rain for you/Feel like you cheatin' the positions I play for you"

Watch the video now and let me know what you think!:


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