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Ari Lennox - "POF" [VIDEO]

Ari Lennox released her latest album age/sex/location a few weeks ago on 9/9. Today, she is back on the set with a music video for "POF" (Plenty Of Fish). This song was definitely a stand out track on the project. In the song she sings about how corny these guys are nowadays, and how being independent and on your own is much better:

"Like Ginuwine "So Anxiously"/With super thirsty energy, like you never had coochie/What's that they say back in the day?/"It's plenty of fish in the sea"/Will somebody explain that's with these lame/Fish that be swimmin' to me?"

In the new visuals we see the Dreamville artist looking sexy in lingerie on the bed facetiming and texting. We then move on to seeing Ari out to dinner with a man who is acting like he's never seen food before, such an ick! In another scene she's out on a date with him, and again he is just being straight up corny. We have all been there before...right? Yet another relatable scene when she pops up at "his" house and his mother is there! Awkward. This song is definitely already a real classic R&B track, no doubt.

Check out the music video below and let me know what you think about it!:


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