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Ann Marie - "Back 2 The Streets" [VIDEO]

Ann Marie has just released the music video to her latest single called "Back 2 The Streets". In the visuals we see the Chicago R&B singer kicking her man out for playing with her. Ann Marie makes it clear that she is NOT the one! In the song she sings:

"Knew this shit wasn’t really gonna last from the first day/It’s my way, And if you don’t get it you can take the next exit, To the fuck up outta my face/All them bitches DMs, Drama with your BM/Tell your ex bitches that I wouldn’t wanna be em/Tell your next bitch that you’re on your way to meet her"

We also see her dressed up at different jobs, and also in a sexy fur outfit! At the end of the video all the ladies come together to send their back right back to the streets. I know that's right!

Press play below to watch the music video in full and let us know what you think:


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