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Hello ladies! This week we have a pretty diverse group of women on the list, and you all should be super excited about this one! Mulatto has dropped her debut album, we got a track from Chynna's camp (RIP), and even better a Mariah Carey X Lauryn Hill collab!!

The playlist starts off with a track by EDM-hip hop DJ WHIPPED CREAM featuring super women Mulatto and Baby Goth! This track is sure to make you feel like the most carefree b*tch in the world, "Do I look like I care? Do I look like I'm scared?" Amber Mark also comes through in the playlist with her remake of Sisqo's famous Thong Song. She gives the song a perfect, sexy twist to the nostalgic track.

Be sure to check out all the beautiful women featured below and let us know what you think about them!:

Be sure to be on the look out next week for another new playlist, and if you or someone you know thinks they should be featured feel free to send music to

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