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070 Shake -"Skin & Bones" [VIDEO]

As 070 Shake gears up for her upcoming You Can't Kill Me Tour, she has released a brand new track called "Skin And Bones". The new album is coming soon as well, but we don't know a date or name yet... The other single she dropped first was called "Lose My Cool" featuring NLE Choppa a few weeks ago. In the song she speaks about how her partner makes her feel, and mid way through the beat changes and puts you in a trance!:

"This is so romantic, I never wanna press fast forward/You treat me like I’m more than a pair of skin and bones/And that really made a difference in my story"

The musical growth we have all experienced while following Shake on her journey is honestly so inspiring! To see her coming from New Jersey and going to her earlier shows, to seeing all these big things she's doing now with the craft is INSANE. In this new music video, we see her in a very nostalgic vibe. The song has great production and lyrics as well .... SO... will you be going to see her on tour?!? Get your tix now!

Check out the new visuals below and let us know what you think!:

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