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Women Celebs Who Have Their Hands In The Cannabis Industry

We all know about Berna's Cookies weed brand, Wiz Khalifa's KK, or Snoop Dogg's Leafs by Snoop. But what about all of the women celebrities that smoke and are in the cannabiz as well? We feel like these brands don't get as much recognition, so here we are to let you know all about them!

Martha Stewart - Of course the first woman on this list we have to mention is Martha, after all she had an entire marijuana cooking show with Snoop Dogg! Martha currently has a business partnership with Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth. In this partnership together, they have created a line of CBD products and she is the advisor. The products haven't hit the market just yet, but some CBD edibles and CBD for your pets should be on shelves soon.

Bella Thorne - The actress/musician/entrepreneur and LA cannabis company The Glasshouse Group combined their talents to create a new brand, Forbidden Flowers. Bella spoke of why she is such a huge marijuana advocate: "I have struggled with anxiety for many years, and weed was the one source I found for me to do the most healing." You can now order some for delivery at!

Lil Debbie - The Bay Area rapper has her own cannabis company named Cakes. She has her own strain of the same name, and sells flower, live resin, edibles, CBD products, apparel, and more. You can find her products at your local dispensary, and check out the website at

Rachael and Megan Rapinoe - Mendi is a CBD company geared toward athletes founded by soccer star twin sisters. The company sells gummies, creams, AM/PM tinctures, and more. They now have both a base line and full spectrum: "The Base Line is safe for athletes who need to be WADA/IOC compliant. [but] Nothing beats full plant power. The combination of over a hundred different cannabinoids, terpenes and other whole plant elements truly make these blends unbeatable. For anyone not under a testing policy, we highly recommend incorporating our Core Line into your recovery regimen.”

Chelsea Handler - Chelsea came out with her own marijuana strain specifically for women! She spoke of the brand in 2019: "I wanted to take my experience and create something specifically for women who have either never tried it before, or who had a bad experience 20 years ago." She teamed up with California power house Norcal Cannabis to create specially made edibles, cartridges, and more. The products haven't launched yet but you can stay up to date by going to

Gwyneth Paltrow - Paltrow's lifestyle brand Goop has collaborated with the infamous cannabis company MedMen to create a line of vape pens, cannabis infused teas, edibles, bath bombs, and patches. She also writes blogs on her websites about Cannabis as well at

Amber Rose - In the past, Amber Rose teamed up with Kandy Pens for a luxury cannabis vape pen, and now she's back for more! Amber has launched MUVA Beauty where sells different CBD-infused beauty products. You can now purchase at She also sells chocolates that look like weed nugs at!

Honorable mention: Whoopi Goldberg did own half of a CBD Company named Whoopi & Maya to offer safe, natural relief or period pain through the miracle of medical marijuana. Unfortunately this company had to shut down in February 2020 due to both personal and business issues.

We truly believe there should be more women celebrities of color in the cannabis business. If there are any and we missed them, feel free to let us know and we will do our research! Please keep in mind as these businesses are thriving, it is crucial we do not focus on releasing incarcerated individuals that have non violent marijuana charges.


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