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Kehlani And Alicia Keys Don The New Rolling Stone Cover Together [PHOTOS]

Alicia Keys and Kehlani got a chance to be on the latest Rolling Stone cover together, starring in the magazine's latest Musicians on Musicians package. This is where two artists meet to interview each other and talk about things happening in life, music, and all of the above.

As you can imagine, Kehlani grew up listening to Alicia Keys, so this had to be a dream come true for her. Also, we can't forget Kehlani singing "Got me singing like Alicia, Got me using all your lingo" on "Can I".

Here's a short part of the interview, where they ask each other what their comfort music is:

"Kehlani: What’s your comfort-food spot, though? Like musically. Because that’s what I’m talking about. I listen to a lot of things, but I always go back to — how I start my morning correctly is the same, it’s like my sweet spot.

Keys: I think my comfort-food music is Sade. I feel like when I put her on, I can just be like, “I’m good.”

Kehlani: That’s how I feel about Stevie [Wonder]. I’m always going to be like, “OK, I can relax now.”

Keys: That’s a good one, comfort-food Stevie. So for you, I guess you more recently became a mama, and that would have been in the middle of a freakin’ pandemic."

You can read and watch it in full by clicking here, and the photos are all by Kanya Iwana for Rolling Stone.


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