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Studies Show Women Are More Likely To Switch Their Pills Out For Weed

I mean I always knew we were the superior gender but the fact that we are more likely than men to switch out narcotics for weed just says it all.

Between opioid addictions, accidental overdoses and expensive costs, more and more Americans are flocking to states where marijuana is legal in order to treat medical conditions naturally. Researchers have found out that women are quicker to switch out their pills for marijuana than men are, even though studies show men have more "experience" with cannabis.

Most women turn to weed to cure their pain, especially during their menstrual cramps. I know I do! We are also using weed for other pelvic issues such as endometriosis, vaginal cancers, and menstrual disorders. Study authors have an idea of why women are making the change:

"The implication that women may conceptualize medical cannabis as complementary or alternative medicine merits further research, as this finding may be viewed as a consequence of patient experience with cannabis, and not only of shifting public attitudes toward it."

I am really so glad that marijuana was legalized in my home state of NJ. Let's pray together that Biden just makes weed legal federally already! I'm so over waiting for every state to turn green! Either way, I know ima STAY HIGH REGARDLESS, as you should too.


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