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What To Get A Stoner Girl For Christmas

Merry Christmas! Don't know what to get your pothead girl friend for Christmas this year? Well you have come to the right place my friend. I've made up a list of some cute stoner gifts that you can give to your friends as stocking stuffers, or their main gift as I've listed some expensive options as well. Every product on this list comes from women owned companies so you can support where it matters.

Check out the list below and let me know if you purchase anything:

1) I started off with some cute rolling papers. These rolling papers are dye-free, slow burning, and more importantly women owned and operated! Every pack of rolling papers comes with the cute quote on the inside "Pass Joints Not Judgement." You can order the papers in holographic or Matte in a pack of 3 here. Look how cute for yourself!:

2) Next on the list is CBD lip gloss. This is the perfect little gift, because honestly who doesn't love lip gloss? And, who can ever have too much lip gloss?! This clear gloss is by Medicated Melanin brand, started by beautiful influencer Shades Of Syd. The gloss is influenced with 25 MG full spectrum CBD. It is also vegan friendly, and not only gives gloss but actually moisturizes your lips. You can purchase here for $15.

3) An official Queen Cyn bong!!! The instagram cannabis influencer Queen Cyn has dropped a bunch of merchandise on her website including cute beanies, rolling trays, hoodies, and of course the infamous BONG. She originally dropped this bong in both purple and green, but now only the green is available. You really need to be on top of it when she restocks! Never the less, the bong is super cute and perfect for a girl who loves to take rips. You can purchase here for $119.99.

4) Where my trap girls at?! Trap Girl Beauty has just released a "boxy box" which is literally the perfect holiday gift. It's a box that comes in different color combinations filled with goodies! You get a smoking accessory such as a lighter, a self defense tool such as a comb that doubles as a knife, and a glam item like some eyelashes. You can purchase it now for a special price of $40.00 here now.

5) Jewelry always makes women happy... C'mon now! Blunted Objects is a cannabis brand that sells the cutest cannabis inspired jewelry. These silver weed charm hoops are so cute and fashionable. You can rock them on a casual night in or a night out on the town! They are silver plated stainless steel and handmade in Los Angeles. You can buy them now here for $35.00.

6) Obviously I was going to throw Swagballz on the list. Our grinder is the perfect gift because honestly, who can have too many grinders? Also, it's super cute and works amazing.. The keef chamber on the bottom is super convenient and saves it for you to put in your joint or blunt later on! You can get it here for $18.00.

7) Blissful Stoner Body Essentials is the first black woman owned CBD company in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company offers facial masks, pain relief rubs, body butters, and more. I've decided to add the "Body Love" bundle which is my favorite. It would be the perfect gift as it includes a rosemary body butter, turmeric exfoliating glow scrub, and peppermint body oil for tension and headaches. You can customize your package and purchase your own here for $36.00.

8) Mary Jane Kitt has the cutest stoner girl t-shirts and hoodies! The one I'm featuring below is my personal favorite, especially since I always kick everyone's ass using peach in Mario Kart. You can also purchase adorable biker shorts, sweatpants, crop tops and more! Purchase this t-shirt here for $25.00.

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