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Volume 39 of #FemaleFridays Has Landed

Anyone else so happy it's finally Friday?! This week's playlist definitely reflects my excitement about it. Yet another week where it was so hard for me to choose my favorite tracks for the playlist, but you already know I chose the right ones....Let me know if you agree.

This week I started off with Kamillion with "Here We Go", off her latest project Toxic. This song is for my ladies that are going through it, knowing your man is cheating like a mothaf*ka.

Next up we got Texas rapper Big Jade joining forces with Erica Banks for "Dem Girlz". Middle finger to a broke hater PERIOD! This is such a southern summer sound I can't get enough of it, this is a song you listen to while you drinking and having a good time!

Indyamarie is back with a new track, "Me and Not Her". Her voice is so unique, I love her chill stoner R&B vibe. She sings "I know you're tired of the old thing / Come try something new baby / take a chance and you'll see what it's like to be with me."

ATL's very own Dess Dior has released "Rich B*tch Gang", a hype trap vibe that get's me hot in the best way possible!!! She raps "I put bitches in a frenzy, don't mention my name next to no pussy h*e cause she ain't in me".

Kezia is honestly one of my favorite new artists that I've discovered, and trust me when I say you wanna be on the look out for her upcoming project, claire. I decided to add "SUNSHINE" to the playlist, her latest single. It's so catchy and such a groovy R&B track, I learned all the words in a few days - no joke!

COI LERAY IS ON A ROLLLLLL! Being from New Jersey and seeing everything Coi is accomplishing, honestly get's me so happy! As her fame rises, the hate is coming more than ever at her and she dropped "Bout Me" to address these haters. They don't know sh*t about her, they don't know sh*t she's been through.

Kash Doll has dropped a new single "Thumbin" - this gives me strip club vibes in the best way. You already know she came through with bars "I'm countin' up these hunnids and it's cuttin' up my hands, I just want theses Ms, plural, I'm in the UK fuckin up them Euros".

ROE has just released her debut EP 'My Way', and "Tension" seems to be a fan favorite (including me). The R&B goddess has done background vocals for tons of artists, and thought it was time to do her own thing. In "Tension" she sings about the tension in the relationship that's killing her. When you want to make the relationship work, but you know it's better to just leave and flex on him.

"Cause we do not do too much/We just gon do enough, get us a bag/We been on top, we ain't coming in last". This is the chorus off Omeretta The Great's latest track, "Do Too Much". The music video is also out now as well - run it up!

Listen to the playlist below on either Apple Music or Spotify and let me know which was your favorite:

Be sure to be on the look out next week for another new playlist, and if you or someone you know thinks they should be featured feel free to send music to

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