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Start Discovering New Music Now On The 67th #FemaleFridays Playlist [AUDIO]

It's that time again for you to press play on the hottest playlist out! Let me put you onto the newest music, on the cover this week we have Queen Najia. Her new single is called "Let's Talk About It" and it's about men that always have something to say about women, when at the same time themselves not being put together.

She stopped by her man ClarenceNYC's Youtube channel to discuss the single, and said that she just couldn't be sweet on the beat! Queen fell in love with the beat instantly and then decided to take the route of saying things that she thought lots of women would relate to.

Next up we have NY baddie Ice Spice with her new viral song "In Ha Mood". The song went crazy on TikTok so it was only right she released it early online before on platforms. The song is now available everywhere and guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days (and get you in your mood)!:

"Bitches too boring, got 'em stuck in a rut/Lamborghini roaring when I hop out the truck/Pretty bitch like Lauren with a big ass butt"

Next on the playlist is Cuzzxo with "On Some Shh". The Blue Girls Club music artist has just released this new song and music video to accompany it where we see her and others getting sturdy in the streets of NYC! She slides over the drill beat with fire lyrics and an even better delivery.

Cleotrapa samples Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel's hit "Computers" for new newest single "Main Character". The song is such a vibe, I have no idea why she waited over two years to drop this! The track is shorter than all the fans want but it's packed perfectly. In the music video we see Cleotrapa with her girls living their best life in the whip and twerkin' in the bodega! She raps:

"I'm just a one of a kind/Everybody wanna be a main character, but you just an extra/If I wear it today, she gon wear it tomorrow, I was just trying to test her"

Excuse My Ego is 10-Kay's debut album that was just released on January 3rd, and a stand out track to me is "Releasing Emotions". The Ohio artist is definitely setting the tone for a successful year ahead. I don't think any music videos are out yet for the project but I'm ready for when those drop! In the track "Releasing Emotions" she goes hard in the booth and the chorus is my favorite part:

"Don't try to gas me I'm already steamin'/No rock on my finger that means that I'm single/Switch up your actions, I might reconsider/But it's going to take more than some words and some dinner"

Singer/Songwriter Elisa Berthoud had a hit song "Upside/Down" released back in 2020 and Asian Doll is bringing it back to life with one of her famous Asian Doll Remixs! The Chicago drill queen has come out and refreshed the track with her bars over the beat.

Portland's very own Wynne has just dropped a fire new track "Catalyst II" with an amazing video to go with the release. In the video we see her on a helicopter pad rapping with her stylish friends gassing her up as they should! She really went crazy on the track with her flow and energy and hopefully this means a project is on the way in 2023.

Lil Keyu is back with "Come Alive" where she expresses how she comes alive on the Angel On The Boards produced track! Lil Keyu said via Instagram that the music video for this song will be dropping soon as well so be on the lookout for that. She raps over the beat:

"Come alive, I hop in that bitch and I come alive/I'm poppin' that shit like I wonder why/I'm dropping that shit off"

Did I just save the best for last? I just might have, Chinese Kitty hopped on that DJ Drama beat with "CBTD". She raps about how these guys are knowsy and all up in a woman's business when they're broke and have NO business being that close. I know that's right- And she also got something for you hating hoes! French Montana released his newest project "Coke Boys 6: Money Heist Edition and this song is on that project (#25). The Coke Boys series of projects started in 2010 and there are no signs that the series is reaching an end.

At the end of this all I realized how much NY girlies are applying pressure to the game! Press play in Apple Music and Spotify now below and let me know which track is your favorite this week!:


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