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Serayah Releases "P.O.V." Featuring Spoken Word Artist QUEEN [AUDIO]

The actress and singer Serayah has returned to music this week with her newest offering called "P.O.V." The last time she dropped music was back in 2020, so the fans are extremely excited! If you've never seen the actress on screen, you can catch her in Empire and more recently the BMF Series on Starz.

The song "P.O.V" is a lovely R&B song about moving on from a certain situation, but still having that pain lingering. It's about overcoming this pain and embracing it for the betterment of yourself. The track is featuring spoken word artist QUEEN, who closes it out beautifully:

"I lead with my heart so what's a girl to do?/I still got growing to do/But I still got love for you/There's nothing you can do to change that/God picked me up right where you left me laying/He gave me the power to break generational curses."

Press play below to start listening and let me know what you think!:

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