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Tay Money Recruits Saucy Santana For "Hello" [VIDEO]

It's Tay Money DUH! For Tay Money's newest song, she has teamed up with Saucy Santana for "Hello". Both artists have been going viral for their individual catchy songs on Tik Tok, so it was only right they connected on a track together.

The "Hello" beat is so fire as it samples a dial tone and shows off a Texas sound that she seems to be defining right now. In the music video we see the two artists looking flashy in bright outfits doing a cute choreographed dance side by side.

Saucy Santana drops some heat during his verse, completing the track:

"I'm swipin' his card, then sending him home/He blowin' me up, don't answer my phone/Pretty brown bitch, bad to the bone."

Watch the new visuals below and let me know what you think!:

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