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Samaria Drops New EP "Didn't Start With You" [AUDIO]

Samaria has been on my radar for quite some time now (2018ish), and I have been patiently awaiting a new project from this star! If you aren't hip to Samaria yet, listening to the new EP Didn't Start With You would be a great beginning. Via Instagram, she writes about the no-skip collection of tracks that I'm sure a lot of us can relate to:

I dropped an EP about breaking my own heart..blaming it on others… then realizing I can’t do that cuz I am responsible for my own casualties in life."

The Cali Bay Area Artist's voice, beat choices, and whole look is very 90s and nostalgic in the best possible way. In the opening song "Can't Fix This" Samaria lets us know that things can't be fixed anymore, it's too little too late. She sings:

"Don't wanna communicate no more/I'm over it, that's over wit/You remind me of somebody that I used to wish I never crossed the line with/And you said that, cause you meant that/Don't put this on me, you really tried me"

"Still Got 4ever" is definitely a stand out track on the project, the way her voice and lyrics slide on the beat is perfection. The way she sings just makes you really feel her emotions and relate. In the "Still Got 4ever" music video we see Samaria looking beautiful in the cutest fits, as she sings in the subway to her love interest. We also see her stalking him from outside in her car (we all been there... right?). The track is about how someone already wrote you off and thru you to the curb but you still want more, because you guys still have forever to go.

"Out The Way" is my other favorite on the project. This song came out in 2021 but it's honestly still a song I play weekly in my rotation. The beat choices are always SO fire and sound like a modern day Timbaland/Aaliyah combo that I just can't get over. In this song she sings about how she just needs some peace and this person in her life is draining her, so she got out the way:

"You need some peace/What you think I need? I need that/Been looking for me honey I've been out the way/Oh woah, I know I've been out the way/No, I'm not what you need so I'll get out the way"

Be sure to check out the other songs on the project as well, and the closing track especially since it includes the only feature on it, coming from R&B artist Tone Smith. Press play on the new project below and be sure to let me know what you think!:


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