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GloRilla Releases EP 'Anyways, Life's Great...'[AUDIO]

GloRilla is the one of the hottest stars out right now and she's keeping that shine going! The newly signed CMG artist has just released her first EP with the label called Anyways, Life's Great...

The project includes her huge hit "Tomorrow 2" featuring Cardi B. The other features on Anyways, Life's Great... include Yo Gotti, Niki Pooh, and Hitkidd. It's nine tracks of dope beats and bars on bars on bars. One of my personal favorites that I can relate to is from "Out Loud Thinking" which is actually track 9:

"When they treat you like the strongest, it make you the weakest/The one that always gon' come through when anybody need it/But my pride so big that if I need it, I keep it a secret/So if I ever ask for help, that mean I really need it/Sometimes I wanna hear I love you 'cause I really need it"

Press play below now and let me know which track is your favorite!:


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