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Press Play On #FemaleFridays 50th Playlist! [AUDIO]

Omg! Almost a year of consistently dropping #FemaleFriday playlists every damn week! I hope you all have been enjoying the music as much as I've loved curated these for you.

This week has been so long for some reason-- even though it was only a 4 day work week. It's time to finally unwind, take a bong rip, and press play on this week's playlist!

We start off with "Have Mercy" by Chloe Bailey of course. This is her debut single by herself, and we can expect an entire project from her soon. Trust me, if you haven't seen the music video yet YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO WATCH. It's AMAZING from start to finish--it came out last night and already has almost 3M views!!! Well deserved.

Next up is a new single from Ari Lennox "Pressure". This is her first solo single in quite a while, and the track was cowritten and produced by legends Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, and Johnta Austin. The music video is just as glamorous as the song, Ari is laced in the nicest jewels and singing as if it was the 60's again. Love it!

Tay Money understood the assignment... AH! I'm sure you already heard this song since the chorus went viral on tiktok a few weeks ago. Tay Money's new song "The Assignment" is finally on streaming platforms in full, and the verses are just as contagious as the chorus. Get ready for this to be stuck in your head forever!!

"Coconut Oil" by KIRBY gives us a retro yet relevant vibe, and I'm loving it. In the song KIRBY sings about how thirsty these guys are for her, and starts the song off singing:

"Baby I don't go outside in the rain (Just got my hair done) / Nails on tip and them baby hairs laid (Like my bundles).. Feeling so rich like I just got paid (Can't have my bag low) / Thighs on thick and the booty the same ('Cause it's natural)."

Ms Banks has released a new single "Go Low" off of her upcoming project, Bank Statement. This is the first project in about two years from the London rapper, so the fans can't wait for this to drop! On "Go Low" the dancehall drill sounds are heavy and the lyrics are written to get you off your booty and get to the dance floor.

"Twin" is up next, a song by Ann Marie featuring Tink. This song is one of my favorites off of Ann Marie's newest album, Hate Love. This song is about two besties, you know, you're twin bestfriend. You can't trust all of these b*tches, only that one <3.

Syd is so groovy always! And never fails to get the listener jiggy! This time around she recruits Chicago rapper Smino for a feature on "Right Track". Playing this song is just going to make your day that much better. If you're in LA, Syd has announced her only live concert of 2021! Be sure to check out how to attend- It's going to be on free show on September 22nd.

I have been such a fan of Pia Mia for years now. She has been MIA for a bit, but she's back with a solo single "730". Pia's voice is so unique, you always know when it's her on the track. On "730" she sings:

"Riding Dirty, I might not live to see 730, The love that I give is not ordinary, You make me feel like I'm 730."

Press play on the songs below and let us know what you think!:


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