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Melii Drops 2 Song EP "Winter In New York City" [AUDIO]

Melii is back after an almost two year hiatus with a 2 song EP called Winter In New York City. She used the hashtag "#sadgirlmusic" to describe the vibe of this project, and it makes sense once you start to listen.

The first song on the project is called "Hey Stranger". In the track she sings to a partner who seems to have ghosted her, or lost interest. She's pretty sad that he became a stranger, because she even kept other men distant just to keep him closer and get played in the end.

The second song is called "Would You Let Me Go?" Melii sings about a man, asking if he would let her go since he keeps playing games. The relationship seems to have a lot of ups and downs, and the line between love and hate is starting to blur. She is confused on where they stand and just needs some straight up answers from him.

I'm sure many women can relate to both of these songs. Especially those of you in those cold NYC streets! Both songs are infectious and on heavy rotation in my house, her voice just slides over the beats and are guaranteed to get you bumpin.

Listen to both songs below and let me know which is your favorite!:


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