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Maiya The Don - "TELFY" [VIDEO]

Maiya The Don, New York rapper and TikTok viral star, has released "TELFY," a new song with the accompanying music video. One thing about Maiya is that she's going to be in her bag!:

"This dress look good 'cause I'm in it/Big body, Range Rover not rented/I'm in my bag, I'm in my Telfy/Dripped down in Prada, shoes is Giuseppe"

The song is so freaking catchy, along with the lyrics and delivery, everything about it screams HIT. In the music video we see Maiya surrounded by beautiful women in all shapes and sizes dancing around and living their best lives.

"Telfy" is the third single release for this artist in 2022, and I hope this means a project is coming soon. I already know she's going to be here to stay, so get hip to her now before it's too late.

Watch the music video for "TELFY" below and get ready to turn up with the girlies while you clutch your Telfar bag!:


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