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Listen To Volume 36 Of #FemaleFridays Now!

HAPPY FRIDAYYYYYYYYY! I hope everyone had a busy, bossy and productive week. The weekend might be time for you to keep grinding or relax, either way it's time to smoke and put some tunes on you heard! I'm actually moving this weekend so I'm going to be on go. Let me know what your plans are!

We start this week off with SZA and Doja Cat's catchy new track "Kiss Me More" that's off Doja's upcoming album, Planet Her. The song and video are both super trippy! Next up, we have "Tenin" by Dess Dior. The Georgia rapper brags in the track "I just copped a new boutique and bought my mom a Benz."

The R&B ladies Queen Najia and Ari Lennox got together for a new smooth track called "Set Him Up". The song features both voices with girls going back and forth on the verses. "Set Him Up" is on Queen's deluxe version of her debut album, calling the deluxe missundertood....still.

"GOOFIEZ" by the rap duo Mother Nature featuring Valee is next. This is honestly one of my favorite tracks on the playlist this week. The music video for "Mickey" by CupcakKe is straight up wild.... She's out here holding a man by knife point while rapping things like "You want that b*tch? Then you can have that h*e/Only time you seeing me now it's through a slideshow/ Tried to ride for you but man you drive too slow."

The OG Gwen Stefani teamed up with icy girl Saweetie for the remix of her song "Slow Clap". The pair also released a music video for the track (of course) where the ladies look beautiful in a school locker room and gym.

LEGO recruited Tierra Whack for a new single "Link". You need to check out this music video, she made it with director Cat Solen and a group of Philly students! Okay now we back outside with our girl KenTheMan and her latest single "Might Not Like It". Last but certainly not least ... we got a new track called "burnout" from the late Chynna. Her family released the single on her one year of passing. Amazing way to end the list.

Be sure to be on the look out next week for another new playlist, and if you or someone you know thinks they should be featured feel free to send music to

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