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Listen To Number 45 Of #FemaleFridays Playlist

TGIF! While you get ready to go out this weekend be sure to press play on this week's playlist. I'm featuring the best hip hop and r & b songs out this week by your favorite artists!

This week the playlist starts off with Normani's new track featuring Cardi B. If you haven't yet, definitely check out the sexy music video for the track. It's full of amazing dancers, outrageous outfits (while Cardi doesn't even have one), and sensual moves all over.

Remy Ma drops a after covid banger letting us know that we "Back Outside". Don't know why but hearing this song just makes me wanna be outside with my family at a BBQ or cruising down the highway windows down living my best life!

Slowing things down again we have Tink with "Selfish" which features Yung Bleu. In the song she sings about how she is selfish with her man and she can't help but be any other way with him! I heard that one sis.

Rubi Rose is back with the ever so catchy track "Poke". The cover art shows her with an 80s punk look complete with the pink spikey hair. She raps "You ain't bad as this, you're just bad at this".

Sometimes you just gotta cut em off. Femme It Forward & Kiana Lede remind us how easy it is to get cut. In the song they sing about how his time is up with them, they remind us all we are never stuck in any situation.

Nitty Scott drops new single "Blackarita" sampling "Hips Don't Lie" and absolutely killing it per usual.

Be sure to be on the look out next week for another new playlist, and if you or someone you know thinks they should be featured feel free to send music to

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