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Is Connecticut Next For Legalization?

Since marijuana is now legal in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and will be legal in New York soon, Connecticut pretty much has no choice but to legalize it as well.

The new incoming House Speaker Matt Ritter said at a meeting on Thursday (11/9) that in 2021 there's a 50/50 chance that Connecticut will pass a legalization bill. Ritter even went on to talk about how he has friends who live in CT who have travelled to Massachusetts to purchase marijuana to bring back home:

"I have a lot of neighbors and friends that go to work every day who take care of their families. They go to Northampton, they buy pot. They drive back, and they are still practicing responsible adults. You can’t just pretend that it’s not all around you and readily available."

The Connecticut governor, Ned Lamont, also said that legalizing marijuana can lower COVID-19 in the state. He said this because he is well aware of the people traveling to neighboring states to purchase weed.

Although many states have decided to legalize cannabis for the revenue, Ritter said he doesn't care about the money, and knows that legalization can "right historical wrongs." He is more worried about the minorities who have been incarcerated over weed, while others smoke it freely:

“For too long, black and brown people in cities back in the ’80s and ’90s went to jail for marijuana offenses. The expungement of those criminal violations is very important to me."

In states where cannabis legalization was a question on their ballot, the question being answered got more votes than Trump OR Biden's presidential bids. Let's pray that all these states push our federal government to legalize weed nationally!


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