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How To Attract Women Who Smoke Weed

I found out that this is truly a frequently asked question by men who are looking to wife up a stoner chick. Let's face it -- women who smoke weed are the absolute best! No shade to anyone who doesn't smoke, but stoner girls seem to be way more chill, friendly, and funnier in general. We don't tend to dwell on dumb things, and are always down for a session no matter the time or place. (Take session as whatever you want it to mean).

I've created a list of attributes for you that us stoner girls as a collective I would say find attractive, and why:

  1. Always be YOURSELF. Most of us will be able to see right through your façade.. For example, if you don't know how to hit a bong -- don't try to act cool and pretend to know. This can lead to you ultimately embarrassing yourself when you end up coughing your brains out, or even passing out/throwing up. We WILL realize you are faking it, then make fun of you for trying to act cool when all you had to do was ask us to teach you!

  2. Offer to roll up for her, more often than not. Please be better than her at rolling when offering though, because if you waste weed and a roll up she will be most likely annoyed with you. Perfect your rolling skills if you have to beforehand, and again this comes into play--always be yourself! If you need to ask how to roll up, don't be embarrassed because this can become a cute bonding experience.

  3. Stay ready, so you don't gotta get ready. Always have one rolled, because you never know when you're gonna need it. Stoner girls will always want to smoke before and/or during their dates. Also, always have some munchies on deck because you know we always need our snacks! Do a bit of digging and figure out what her personal favorites are, and surprise her with some at random times after smoking. Guaranteed to make her fall for you.

These next few tips aren't going to be tips for women who smoke weed solely, but women in general. I figured if you made it this far, adding these wouldn't hurt your case:

  1. Always use your manners. Go out of your way to open the car door for her, pull the chair out for her on your date. Call the waiters and waitresses Sir and Mam. Say please and thank you. All of these little gestures can go a LONG way, trust me.

  2. Have good hygiene. This should be as obvious as the first, but I had to say it. Take a shower, wash your clothes, put on deoderant, some cologne. SELF CARE. Care about yourself please, because if you don't, how can you expect her to?

Hope these tips helped you a little bit. Please let me know if they worked!


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