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Happy #FemaleFridays! Playlist #49 Out Now [AUDIO]

Happy Friday! Finally we made it. I hope you all have awesome plans this weekend and if not, hope you have a relaxing weekend then! This week we have some new songs for you to listen to while you get ready with the girlies.

First up is "Nasty Girl" by two amazing artists, Sevyn Streeter & BIA. This is the first single released off her upcoming album, Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz (9/17). Other artists featured on the project include Jeremih, Lucky Daye, and Lavish.

Next up on the playlist is Tamera with "Strong for Me". The UK R&B artist spoke with PAPER Magazine about the song:

"Giving your love so generously and freely only to have ugliness returned really can break someone and cause them to be a colder person to the people that genuinely do love them and that's what this song is about."

Ever since first stepping on the scene, Destiny Rogers has not let up! She is super consistent dropping singles left and right, this time around with Flo Milli. The song "Simon Say" is an autotuned vibe! The chorus goes:

"You know you can't say no to this/You gotta do it like Simon Say/You know I always get my way".

"I am not a woman, I'm a god" by Halsey is one of my favorite tracks off her newest album. The project If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power. Definitely check out the album if you haven't yet. The nine-inch nails produced album is one of her best. She opens up about pregnancy, life, and growth.

Maria Isabel sings beautifully on this new song "Baby...". The song is off her upcoming project (9/10) called I Hope You're Very Unhappy Without Me. She's also going on tour starting on 9/12, so be sure to cop your tickets to see her live!

"G Blanco" by Honie Gold is next up. This is the newest single from the Dallas rapper! In the song she raps about how she can't :

"I live fast like Blanco/Said I'm up no narco/Hope they sound educated, the girls in my brain be on one like Paco/All his hoes down in Waco"

Nitty Scott and legendary Mya come together this week for "Jiggy Mami", the title track off Nitty's newest project. In the song the ladies go off about how they jiggy they are, and definitely have you feeling yourself by the end of the track! Be sure to check out the rest of her project because every song is super lit!!

Kash Doll has recruited Wale and Eric Bellinger to let everyone know they are "SINGLE AND HAPPY." In the song she raps:

"What could you prove to me? What could you do for me that I can’t do for me? Look, I ain’t losin’ you, shit, you losin’ me. Eight bedrooms in the crib, I ain’t losin’ sleep."

Listen now and let us know what song is your favorite this week!:


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