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Happy #FemaleFridays! Listen To The New Playlist Now [AUDIO]

Never been more happy to say it's Friday! Press play now on your new soundtrack of the weekend!

This week we have Nezi Momodu on the cover of the 63rd #FemaleFridays playlist. Her new song "N.E.Z" is first on the playlist, starting us off with a bang! Nezi gives off 90s Lil Kim meets Missy Elliot, and when you watch the music video you will understand that even more. She spits straight bars over such a sick beat, be on the look out for the Nigerian rapper because I know for a fact this is only the beginning for the star.

We then switch up the vibe for a second with Kali on her new single "UonU" featuring Yung Bleu. The song is a bit different then what we're using to hearing from her, but I'm loving the versatility! The music video to this track was directed straight up like a movie, where we see Kali ready to switch it up on her significate other. This song is about the other person thinking they were going to cheat and everything be fine, but now she's flipping the script doing the same thing back.

"Hello" by Tay Money is up next featuring Saucy Santana. Both artists have been going viral for their individual catchy songs on Tik Tok, so it was only right they connected on a track together. The "Hello" beat is so fire as it samples a dial tone and shows off a Texas sound that she seems to be defining right now.

The actress and singer Serayah has returned to music this week with her newest offering called "P.O.V." featuring spoken word artist QUEEN. The last time she dropped music was back in 2020, so the fans are extremely excited! The song "P.O.V" is a lovely R&B song about moving on from a certain situation, but still having that pain lingering.

Bree Runway's music always sounds so refreshing. She comes through with the "Pressure" in her new music visuals. This song is made to make you feel like a bad bitch and the perfect pregame song. This is the track blasting in the speakers when you taking shots with your girls before the club, and definitely what she had in mind.

Nicki Minaj is staying true to her pink Friday releases, and this week she's back with another Lil Baby collab, "Bussin". She recently did an interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music and let him know that her album is dropping soon, obviously why she is dropping singles now. I am so excited to hear what the next single is, I think it's going to be a solo track that she hinted about, so stay tuned!!

Punjabi American artist Raveena has released a new album, called Asha's Awakening. The album follows a young woman that gets abducted by aliens and taught teachings, ultimately becoming a princess. The song from the album I decided to add is "Secret" featuring Vince Staples. This is a track has such an infectious beat and lyrics, my first listen and I was hooked. If you were wondering what the vibe of the album is, she summarized it herself perfectly via Twitter:

"If you want to dance, listen to the first half of ASHA. If you want to be meditative and soft, listen to the second half, post intermission. It was all set up to flow a certain way and tell a cinematic story."

Louisville R&B artist Marzz has started off her 2022 with a new track called "KMS (Killing Me Slowly)". This is the first drop since her 2021 debut EP 'Love Letterz'. Marzz is only starting off, recently opening up for Jack Harlow in their hometown and also performing on BET. She spoke about what this song means to her:

"KMS is about being over the bulls and not dealing with unnecessary drama. Taking time to heal and understand that certain people don't deserve to be in your life anymore and to be ok with it."

Closing the playlist out this week is LAYA with her new track "Brag" featuring Fivio Foreign. This is her first single off the upcoming EP 'Um, Hello'. The artist has just signed to Warner Records, which is definitely a huge accomplishment. Be sure to watch the music video for this song, we see the two artists at a 90s prom and taking yearbook photos! The visuals also include a bunch of other music industry vets including Bob Ellis, Karlie Hustle, DJ Stacks and more.

Press play below and let me know which is your favorite track!:

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