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Finally Time For #FemaleFridays Volume 42!

  1. The first song on the playlist is “Cause And Effect” by New York rapper Donmonique. I’ve been waiting for new music from her for so long now. I’ve seen her in concert a few times and she’s sooo talented!! I saw her in DC with Lil Debbie and then I went to a show of hers in the city. In the new single “Cause And Effect” she brings the BARS out per usual. She raps about how she’s leveling up, and ready to slap a b*tch. Heard you!!

  2. Hayley Kiyoko started off Pride Month with a bang! “Chance” her newest song dropped on June 1st, along with the romantic music video for it. The video follows her and her crush on a farm, and it was directed by Hayley herself! Everyone else in her crew was a woman as well which is pretty badass. Hayley also most recently performed on Friday at the Can’t Cancel Pride virtual fundraising event which she absolutely killed it. If you haven’t yet you should deff check out the performance on youtube.

  3. “Money Fallin” by Blaatina came through next! The rapper went viral back in 2017 with her song “I Can”, and since has come quite a long way. She’s back with her first single of 2021, whisper rapping over the cut&dry-produced track. Blaatina confidently raps “Now they sounding like me in they music, man what’s up with that?/My ex been hating on me like a B*tch cause I don’t want him bak.”

  4. Slowing things now a bit with some R&B ! this time it’s “Rep It” By the canadian artist, Ebhoni. She dropped an EP back in February called X, and this is the first song she’s dropped since. In the song, she sings about that moment when you break up with someone and they want you back. Like duh you want me back, but it’s too late PAPOOOOO!! Fuck outta here you thought.

  5. Destiny Rogers is on a role this year!! Her music is so smooth, it just gives me good vibes in the purest forms. If that makes any sense. I had “Tomboy” on repeat for the longest, and now it’s this one!! In the track “West Like” featuring fellow Cali native Kalan.FrFr, and the song is about how awesome California is, and how we all need a Cali girl in our lives!! The music video is super dope, showing Cali bbq cookout vibes, sunsets, palm trees and dickies. Literally perfect and everything Cali is! Oh man how I wish I was there now….

  6. “WTF” aka “What The F*ck” by Ken The Man has been released! You know how she’s coming! She don’t pay her bills, she’s like what the fuck’s a lease? Okay those are obviously lyrics from the song. This is the Houston rapper’s first single of 2021, the last music she released was in 2020 on her debut 10-track EP called 4 Da 304s which got a dope cosign from Snoop Dogg the legend himself.

  7. Numbero 7 on the playlist is Tinashe Featuring Buddy with “Pasadena” ; Yet another California love song on this playlist. Is this a sign I need to be in Cali orrr what! This is a dope summer vibe off her upcoming album, 333. I’m not sure when the album is dropping but I promise I will let you all know! She spoke about the song saying “After the past year we have all had, I felt a very strong calling to release music that feels like joy, excitement, and freedom – to contribute positive energy to the universe. I wrote and recorded the song ‘Pasadena’ in my home in Los Angeles with a bold, bouncing tempo that makes me want to dance. The song is about growth, family, and the feelings I get when I visit the area I grew up in — energetic and nostalgic, but hopeful.”

  8. Justina Valentine is so underrated to me!!! On “Kinky” her latest song, she raps and sings how she’s never seen a man so fine and she’s ready to get kinky TONIGHT. I feel you sis. I actually met her once while working at a restaurant in New Jersey and she was sooo sweet and nice to me, it makes supporting her that much better!

  9. SHOUT OUT PETER ROSENBERG!!!! I worked for Hot 97 in the past, so you already know I’m team hot 97 forever sorry not sorry at all. He just dropped his debut album called “Real Late” ; Why did I think he was rapping instead producing the songs like the DJ that he is? Yea I’m a dumbass. Anyways, the song I’m featuring is called “Real Late” just like the album and has Vel The Wonder rapping on it. He opened the album with a woman MC, which is the only way to go. In my eyes anyways, It only seems right. On the track she brings her usual NYC flow.

Check out the playlist below and let me know what track was your favorite this week:

Be sure to be on the look out next week for another new playlist, and if you or someone you know thinks they should be featured feel free to send music to

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