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Discover Your New Favorite On This Week's #FemaleFridays Playlist [AUDIO]

Jourdan Jade is the cover of this week's playlist, a new artist to the game but is kicking ass already! Be sure to check out her newest track "With Me" which is the first track on the list this week.

"Rap Freaks" is Yung Miami's first completely solo song, and you already know she came for necks! In the song she raps about having sex with rappers while name dropping just about everyone from Diddy to Lil Durk. Is this the beginning of a solo career for the City Girl? We'll just have to wait and see!

R&B artist Indyamarie has released a new song "Fly Me Out". She seductively sings over the catchy beat:

"Got some big cash right now/Got a fat ass, oh wow/Told him come fly down, and see me/In the city I'm litty"

Stay tuned for the music video dropping soon, which I'm sure I will post about.

Next on the list is "Pedi" by Baby Tate, this one is for all my petty ass b*tches! If you didn't realize yet, she dropped the "Yung" from her name. Baby Tate straight up lets us know she's the pettiest of them all. The music video is out now as well, where we see her dancing and performing at a chess meet and out on the lawn!

Switching it up a bit now with Asiahn's newest single "We Can". The jazz beat just makes your soul soothed, this is a track you light your joint to. She sings gracefully about hooking up with a man, and wants to know if you're here for "love or a season"?:

"Stay with me for the night, yeah/Relax and just get high/Get high off me"

BIA has released her deluxe FOR CERTAIN album, and with it a new track. The Pharrell produced beat which samples Kelis "Milkshake" hit, is called "CAN'T TOUCH THIS". The music video is so cute and a must-see! BIA raps looking beautiful in a laundromat with some dancers and outside at her food truck in bright colors.

"Jungle" by Jada Kingdom is an intense track about her upbringing in Jamaica, yet the reggae beat puts you in a good mood. She spoke about the track and music video:

“‘Jungle’ is an up-close and personal look into what growing up in Jamaica was for me. Most of the things I speak about in the song lyrics and that you see in the video are actually real-life situations that I’ve seen and or been a victim of.”

Azealia Banks has returned with a new EP called Tarantula, and I'm featuring the title track on this week's playlist. The other song on the project is called "Wings of a Butterfly". Lots of speculators are saying that this song is a Grimes diss, but Azealia hasn't confirmed yet so I'm not reporting any rumors..... Any way, both tracks still slap.

Last this week is "Yeah Bitch" by Kayykilo featuring DaBaby. The song is full of sexy explicit lyrics and the beat just makes you just want to get lit!

Press play on this week's playlist below and let me know what track is your new favorite!:


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