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Can't believe we are at VOLUME 10 already!!!! This week we feature some tracks to make you wanna get up twerk, and also some more important tracks that will make you sit back and think about doing more in your community. Check out our playlist and we tried to give you a bit of everything this week! Let us know what you think.

Saweetie "Tap In" - Saweetie just dropped this poppin' track that samples Too Short's "Blow The Whistle"! If you are trying to get lit in the crib this weekend, this song better be on FULL BLAST. She's getting ready to release a new EP Pretty B*tch Music, and be on the look out because another new single is coming soon called "Saweetie's Workout Plan".

Keke Palmer "Thick" - This is definitely the perfect summer track! "Thick" is going to make you want to get up and dance around the room, while reminding your s/o that they love it when we getting think! She also just dropped the music video for this song where she rocks lime green and yellow hair and shows off her dance moves!

Kiana Ledé "Dear Mr. President" - Kiana Lede remade this song at the time this country needed it the most. She spoke about the track in a press release: “Through all the crying and pleading, all the protesting and donating, I wanted to do something that is therapeutic for me–singing. I came across the song ‘Dear Mr. President’ by P!nk and realized so many of the lyrics are still relevant today."

Noname "Song 33" - In response to J. Cole's song "Snow on Tha Bluff" that was aimed at her, Noname came back just as hard to shut him down (and address other issues going on). She goes on to rap “He really bout to write about me/When the world is in smokes?/When it’s people in trees?/When George begging for his mother saying he couldn’t breathe/You thought to write about me?”

H.E.R. "I Can't Breathe" - H.E.R. released this eye-opening powerful track in wake of the repeated police brutality in the USA and George Floyd killing. On the song she goes from singing to spoken word, "Saying the protector and the killer is wearing the same uniform/The revolution is not televised/Media perception is forced down the throats of closed minds."

Teyana Taylor Ft. Future and Missy Elliot "Boomin" - Teyana Taylor's newest album The Album has just dropped TODAY (6/19) !!!! "Boomin" seems to be a stand out sexy track that Missy and Future fit perfectly onto. Be sure to check out the rest of her album as which you can expect will be just as pleasant to your ears.

Lil Halima "Friends" - Norway artist Lil Halima has just dropped off this new song that talks about how she likes her space, but she likes you too! She just wants to be friends. Hamila spoke about the song, and she sounds like a typical stoner chick: "I don’t like going out, and I don’t like big crowds, so when I meet the right people at the right place and things just click, its [so] much fun, and I feel the way I feel in this song."

Kamaiyah "Black Excellence" - Kamaiyah is all about black power in this new track, the chorus repeating "I'm black excellence b*tch, check my melanin." 2020 is proving to be Kamaiyah's year, with the Cali native dropping her album in February Got It Made, and "Black Excellence" being the 3rd single she's released since. Let's hope this means a new project is on the way?!

Tiana Major9 "Lucky" - How good is your love? On Tiana's new song "Lucky," she sings about how lucky she is that she fell in love. "I'm feelin' lucky like the right place, right time/I'm feelin' lucky, rolled a L, now we're high." You can expect to hear this and new songs on her upcoming EP.

Cuban Doll "1st Off" - Cuban Doll is backkkk with a new track "1st Off" that she has been teasing on her IG for a while now. Cuban flexs per usual "He thirsty real life instagraming on my snapchat/You can stop that hating in my comments bitch I clapback!" She also released the music video that features fellow rapper Molly Brazy and other beautiful women hanging out in what looks like a beautiful botanical garden.

Be sure to be on the look out next week for another new playlist, and if you or someone you know thinks they should be featured feel free to send music to

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