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Tems Releases "If Orange Was A Place" EP [AUDIO]

Nigerian singer-songwriter Tems has released her brand new debut EP, entitled If Orange Was A Place. The project consists of 5 songs with only 1 feature coming from R&B singer Brent Faiyaz on "Found". Tems has also announced that she is newly signed to Since '93/RCA Records! CONGRATS!!

It's as if she's on top of the world right now while just getting started. If you haven't realized yet, it's Tems who is singing alongside Wizkid on the viral hit "Essence". She was also just featured on Drake's CLB album ("Fountains"), and is about the hit the road for a quick US tour! The tour begins on September 17th in New Hampshire and ends October 6th in Chicago. Go get your tickets now if you haven't already.

Listen now on Apple Music below where they are featuring Tems as their latest Up Next artist:

If you prefer Spotify, press play below:


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