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Safa - "Love Like This" [AUDIO]

Rising R&B star Safa (suh-FAH) has released a new song called "Love Like This". This track is the NYC transplant's second single this year, following her previous viral hit "Video Game".

On this new Donavelo produced song, Safa describes what it's like when it's time to take those rose colored glasses off and love yourself, even when your so down that you feel like you can't. Via instagram, she wrote "The song is about standing your ground and giving yourself a reality check when needed. Self love is key." And isn't that the damn truth, we have all been there before. She sings the words that are so relatable:

"Give me a reason to be giving love like this/What do I do when it ain't enough/Still I cope with all you put me through/Gotta give it up/You just be using my mind"

Safa posted some behind the scenes on her TikTok, letting the fans know that some new summer bops are coming. I always hope this means that a project is coming but let me not rush greatness and trust the process!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think:


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