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Rico Nasty - "SkullFlower" [VIDEO]

As Rico Nasty was on her way to a show in Germany, she drove by a sunflower field and just had to stop. On the stop, she just had to record this music video for her new single called "Skullflower". One thing about Rico - she's going to keep you on your toes and keep on experimenting!

You can expect this song on her newest project called Las Ruinas Out 7/22! She is also going to be on tour with Kehlani starting on 7/29 so be sure to get your tickets if you haven't already.

"Skullflower" makes me feel like I'm living in a video game or just in a place way far out of this world. In the music video Rico has the coolest makeup on and rocking a cute black dress in the middle of a colorful sunflower field. She sings:

"I only throw a tantrum when I play in my fit/That bitch feeling on me, ’cause she wanna get on me/I’m late to the party, early to the bank"

Watch this below and let us know what you think!:


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