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Rico Nasty - "Black Punk" [AUDIO]

As Rico Nasty gears up for her new album Las Ruinas (dropping 7/22), she has released a new banger called "Black Punk". The song has a magnetic energy to it as always, and makes me THAT much more excited to see her on tour with Kehlani this year! The chorus is infectious:

"BLACK PUNK! /Black lipstick all over my fat blunt/Beat her face red, I ain't talking 'bout blush/No exorcism, choppin', get your head spun/BLACK PUNK!"

Shout out to Rico Nasty for always staying true to herself and continuing to drop music on her own terms. Rico is an inspiration to us all to always be ourselves and not give a fuck about anything or anyone! Check out the "Black Punk" video out now:


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