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Rican Da Menace - "I Admit It" [VIDEO]

Baltimore rap queen Rican Da Menace has just dropped a new single called "I Admit It". The song is on a FIRE ass beat and she switches up her rap flow multiple times, killin' the track! In the music video we see her looking oh so beautiful in a red skin tight matching Dolce & Gabana outfit and sneakers driving around in her Lambo truck.

The way Rican slides on the beat with her lyrics is literally insane. I'm looking forward to what else she has in store for this year. While the diamonds are dripping on her she spits:

"If I see you again Ima tell you what's up and then block you, Bitch bye, I don't argue with bitches that brag about Mexico, Bitch I'm in Dubai, Love to make that ugly face but I still keep it cute, Treat my man like Wizard Kelly Bitch you just gon see his suit"

Check out the official music video below to get familiar with Rican!!:


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