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Nikky Bourbon - "Diosa" [AUDIO]

New York Puerto Rican artist Nikky Bourbon has just released a new single called "Diosa" just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month. Believe it or not, Nikky has been in the industry for quite some time, helping out more established artists on the back end. So keep your eyes open for this talented artist because this is only the beginning of something special.

"Diosa" is an embodiment of being proud to be a Latina goddess, and for that I can definitely relate! Many Caribbean women are very spiritual and grew up with some sort of Santeria or Espirista in their life. In the song Nikky refers to herself as having the "Sangre de Diosa" (blood of a goddess).

This song is a feminist anthem and reminder to love yourself no matter the circumstances, and channeling that inner power you have that we sometimes forget about. Nikky spoke about the track and what it means to her below:

"'Diosa,' is the divine feminine. It represents connectedness with the universe and our power as women. It's such a positive word to describe us in a world that loves to tear us down.. I also would like to shed light on the beauty of my religion and culture so that we can create a space for Espiritistas to feel safe and accepted in society."

Press play below to listen to the new track. If you'd rather listen on Spotify or Apple Music, you can do that also! Let me know what you think:


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